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Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe

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Blood Orange Green Smoothie

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Blood Orange Green Smoothie | Minimalist Baker Recipes

Camplung Tanduk No. Eden Cafe Bali Address: Jl. Cafe Moonlight Address : Jl. Beraban No. The most interesting part is at the very bottom of the article you allude to all the ways to reduce or eliminate the 3 reasons one should avoid green smoothies. So…if you are truly interested in helping people to find health and not steer them into the opposite directions, perhaps try a different title to your article such as: -3 ways to improve the benefits of green smoothies Or perhaps -How to ayurvedically balance your green smoothie. Humans were made to adapt, change, and evolve, not do the same thing over and over and over.

Good luck with your search for good health.


Great article Nadia! Indian in the machine. Smoothies are not inherently cold, big or heavy… same as other foods.. I made a green smoothie once from an internet recipe and it was wrong. Not horrible but tasted wrong. Using my taste buds I reduced it to one green veg. This tastes wonderful. I make it up at night and let it sit until noon next day.

Stir and drink. Cleans me very nicely. I drink these every other day or every third day as I desire them.

3 Simple Green Smoothies To Try Today - Holistic Nutritionist Tips

I eat fruit as a snack twice or three times a day. But never wreck them in a blender. Just use your common sence. It is not natural at all. Too much ingredients at once. Check macrobiotics, based on yin yang. Our nutrition should be delicately balanced, because our system is delicate. It is so obvious. I keep the juicing simple, always include some ginger and rarely add a fruit. Sip it slowly. I am always worried about my thyroid [hypo] and too much cruciferous veggies so I keep them to a minimum. And surprise, smoothies actually work a LOT better for my overall health.

Since I started my health has vastly improved and my digestion of other foods is overall better compared to when I was on a strict ayurvedic diet. So follow the advice the article gives about mixing your smoothies, eat a vata friendly ayurvedic diet the rest of the day and give them a fair chance!

I have to agree with you. I try to eat my salads and fruit at room temperature, etc. I also think something to keep in mind is that when Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine which is also against raw fruits and veggies were practiced, a lot of people did not have access to clean water. So eating fresh raw fruits and veggies certainly could make people with weaker constitutions sick, just from microbial contamination.


WOW so great to see such a long thread — this was posted by an american friend on FB — so glad it came to my attention i am a holistic chef, that produces a superfoods blend and also informs much of my work via the ayurvedic principles which are only now starting to become more mainstream! ALthough I like the Ayurvedic vieuw very much and it doesn,t differ so much of the Chinese one, I disagree on a few points.. Also a very bad example of green smoothie that you showed. A simple not cold green smoothie with ginger a bit pepper and some not much oil can;t do any harm.

Only ones own intuition does.. I am amazed and somewhat overwhelmed by how many people have read this article and liked or shared it on Facebook or Twitter. It was originally written for our Mudita Institute newsletter which is sent out to a readership who know a bit about Ayurveda and who we aim to constantly educate — particularly about qualities, the doshas, agni, ojas, and the maha gunas. When it was to be re-published on this amazing site, I thought the audience would be similar…. I understand that to readers who know very little or nothing about Ayurveda, this article may seem absolutely ridiculous… because the view of qualities vs nutrients is so very different… a completely different way of thinking about food.

But, if it has planted even the smallest seed of curiosity for you to explore it further if only to prove it wrong then I think that is maybe a positive thing. From an Ayurvedic perspective, what is good or not so good for us varies substantially based on the climate we live in, our time of life, the time of year, our general strength, our digestive strength, our constitution as well as our current state of imbalance. Having said that, most of us live in Vata-aggravating environments and carry out very Vata-aggravating activities….

We need to treat it with respect, warmth and kindness — antidoting its cold, dry, rough, mobile, irregular qualities with warmth, a little oiliness, stillness and regularity as much as possible.

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Zoe B. I have known for some time that green smoothes are not good for me and I even projectile vomited once immediately after one! Warm wishes, Zoe B. I find this article to be completely irresponsible. A blurb about who you were vs. The adverse conditions you described can be attributed to a myriad of components, far more harmful than a blended drink of fruits and vegetables. On the surface, this seems full of confidence and authority. Neither are actually present.

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  6. If you really have done the research that you have, which is contradictory to decades of scientific research and proofs remember, the mark of a sound scientific conclusion is that it can be independently arrived at by equally or more highly educated peers without building on the original experiment or data , you would not post an article claiming to want to help people, all the while surrounded by links that influence people to purchase something.

    It is hypocritical and manipulative. You might believe you are better because of your own conclusions, but do not try to convince others of the same. You simply are not qualified. I know who you are. I actually have, unlike you, done my research. And if you want to maintain a shred of credibility, do not ever cite wikipedia as a reference. And that speaks volumes.

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    8. I am sure that the author intends well, it is wonderful that she made a full recovery and of course many the majority? However, I am curious as to the attraction of what seems like a very restrictive, controlling diet Ayurveda to those who in the past have had eating disorders. The desire to control in order to avoid painful feelings may be deep-rooted in many.