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The Bethlehem Murders (Omar Yussef Mystery Series) [Matt Rees] on Amazon. com. *FREE* Paperback: pages; Publisher: Atlantic Books; Main edition ( February 1, ); Language: English; ISBN What you learn in Rees' novels!.
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Bethlehem's problems are of a different order from those of Edinburgh or Oxford.

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The Palestinian society portrayed by Rees is divided between factions, religions, clans, centres of authority and the good and the bad. Yussef remembers the days when Christian and Muslim were close but can do nothing to prevent the mutual suspicion that has grown in the chaos of recent years.

Unlike these books, The Bethlehem Murders is an exciting read and completely believable. Both those writers were journalists but relied on fantasy to provide their plot.

The Collaborator Of Bethlehem An Omar Yussef Mystery Omar Yussef Mysteries

Rees, also a journalist, roots his story in a series of events that he investigated in great detail for a previous work of non-fiction, Cain's Field: Faith, Fratricide and Fear in the Middle East. As a result, the reader gets an insight into Palestinian society that would be hard to achieve in a work of non-fiction. In Rees's Bethlehem, the gunmen are the only Palestinian authority, while the supposedly official police and courts are powerless.

Yusef's former pupil, George Saba, tries to stop gunmen firing from the roof of his house in Bethlehem across the valley at the suburbs of Jerusalem. As a result of his audacity, he is accused of collaborating with Israel in the assassination of another Palestinian fighter.

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Saba's crimes were to be a member of the Christian minority in the once Christian-dominated town of Bethlehem and to stand up to the new heroes of the 'resistance'. His teacher is forced to unravel a web of prejudice, corruption and complacency in his attempt to free his pupil and save him from execution. Yussef is far from omniscient and his errors have potentially fatal consequences. Through the fictional eyes of Yussef, readers can begin to understand the real frustration of Palestinians, which forced many of them to vote for Hamas in It is also clear why members of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority may have been reluctant to give up their privileges so easily, leading to the violence of recent weeks in Gaza.

Some readers may be disappointed to find that Israel has only an offstage presence in this book. Yussef is quite clearly a detective who is here to stay.

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Author: Peter Burton Source. The third, The. As he tries to save the lives of two men, Omar Yussef is confronted with the corruption and violence of Gaza's warring government factions and the criminal. The Saladin Murders by Matt Rees. He succeeds in telling uniquely.

The Bethlehem Murders a Novel Omar Yussef Mystery Series by Matt Rees

The Award-winning Omar Yussef Mysteries book. It's a hot, dusty day when Omar Yussef arrives in Gaza. He discovers that there's been an arrest: a fellow teacher has been brutally thrown in jail without trial.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device,. Read a description of this audiobook.

Morse, Rebus ... and now Yussef

Palestinian history teacher Omar Yussef fights crime in a violent story A blurb at the beginning of Matt Rees' The Saladin Murders Atlantic, teacher Omar Yussef, tells the reader that the killings in the book are. But when he learns that a fellow teacher. Book Review.

The Collaborator of Bethlehem

Completely essential go through ebook. Atlantic Books. Book Condition: new. Matt Rees.