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Yearly Horoscope: Predictions for Virgo Overview for all Virgos. Some elements of your personal life may be exposed, or you could be in the.
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Your yoga class. Your book group.

Yearly Horoscope: 2013 Predictions for Virgo

The opposition near the 8th is intense, but it is also designed to show you just what is possible between here and if you are prepared to understand the two great truths of group psychology. The first one, according to astrology, is that everyone is a fierce individual within the group and has to be respected on that level. The second is that if a shared goal is important enough, everyone can extend huge amounts of space, flexibility and tolerance to each other, in order to achieve it.

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In all these areas this year you have been shown wildly differing choices. This is a good month to be honest with yourself about the way life really is. Did you choose someone or something that you mistook for a commitment, a few months ago? Because it turned out to be freedom, which means no commitment at all. Were you offered a commitment but found yourself resisting the sacrifice and compromise involved to actually take it on board, fully?

If so, the chances are that it hasn't gone away — it's still out there in the ether — waiting for you to stop dithering. You may work part-time or full-time. Study or volunteer. In all cases, though, August is a get-real month when you can finally see your choices this year in the clear light of day and be wise enough to see what was really going on, when X didn't work out or Y didn't deliver all you hoped.

The Full Moon on Wednesday 21st August is potent.

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  • It will help you set a new path for yourself in terms of your lifestyle as a whole. At this point you can join the dots and see that your body is your job. Your job influences your body. And that you are not simply the ghost in the machine. The whole machine has to work, spiritually, emotionally, physically, if you're going to fulfil your karmic mission. As a Virgo Sun or Rising Sign, that just happens to be — being of full service. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Is Khloe going to get back with Tristan?

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    More From Monthly Horoscopes. Libra traits and personality explained. If so, the best idea is, by silently witnessing your reactivity, to dispassionately explore these areas, likely the residue of unresolved childhood trauma. When you make better friends with your own internal process in this fashion, you pave the way for better acceptance and healing of these wounded places within you.

    With the massive changes that are happening now, I highly recommend that folks get a transit report tailored specifically to their chart for the most accurate description of what's in store for you in the months ahead. Find out with this report that gives detailed descriptions of your transits for a three, six or twelve month period.

    This report was written by astrologer Henry Seltzer. All transits are fully interpreted with insightful clues on how to navigate the challenges ahead and gives the date range for when each transit is in effect. Includes transits to planets Mars through Pluto. Also includes interpretations for Chiron - a unique feature of this report! The Sun represents the Self, one's way of being in the world. It can represent, on different levels, both the ego and the higher Self or soul purpose.

    It rules Leo and is exalted in Aries. The Sun is the most important 'planet' in the chart and symbolizes one's will and sense of vitality. When the Sun is afflicted poorly placed or poorly aspected it could indicate problems with the father, or male role model.

    Virgo horoscope prediction: August 2013

    The Sun energizes your entire chart, and planets in close relationship to the Sun by planetary aspect are emphasized in your personality. If your Sun is prominent in your chart, you will exhibit great power to do and to be. More about the Sun The Moon represents the personal self, the feelings and the unconscious. It is a reflection of the true self, represented by the Sun. The Moon also stands for security and instinctual or habitual patterns, as well as the ability to relate to others, and to be nurturing to others.

    The Moon rules Cancer and is exalted in Taurus. It is often contrasted with the Sun as the female receptive principle versus the masculine or positive principle. The Moon represents the feminine and nurturing part of oneself. In a male chart, the Moon represents the feminine within, or the 'anima' and also indicates the type of partner you will attract. The Moon also represents an attunement from the past, which operates at an instinctive or habitual level in your present life.

    More about the Moon Mercury represents the mind and intellect, and rules Gemini, sign of duality also Virgo, and has its exaltation in Aquarius. Mercury is an airy planet, associated with all forms of communication and the in-flow and out-flow of intelligence. Its position indicates how your mental function will be expressed, and where techniques and skills are available to you.

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    More about Mercury Venus is the planet of love and relationship. Venus is in-taking, rather than out-going as represented by Mars , and rules the signs Libra and Taurus. Venus has its exaltation in Pisces, and is associated with aesthetics, beauty, refinement and romance. Its position in the chart indicates the area in which the give and take of love, affection and sensual pleasure will be expressed. More about Venus Mars is the planet of outward activity and animal passion.

    It rules Aries and is exalted in Capricorn. This fiery planet is masculine in action, versus softer more receptive Venus. When strong in the chart it can indicate a volatile temper, and also great courage. Its position indicates how your personality will assert itself, and what modes of activity will stimulate your physical energies. Jupiter is the planet of faith, positivism and optimism. It rules Sagittarius and is exalted in Cancer.

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    Jupiter represents the principle of expansion, versus contraction as represented by Saturn and the aspirations of the higher self. Its position in the chart indicates how your faith will be expressed, and what modes of activity will stimulate self-confidence. More about Jupiter Saturn is the planet of limitation and contraction, and the trials of life experience.