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is for you. Learn how to successfully set up your first webinar. The platform is the technology you use to host your webinar. You can use.
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A Thank You page: This is the confirmation page your registrant will see to confirm they have registered. A Webinar page: This is the page where the registrants attend the webinar. This is where they watch your presentation, chat, ask questions and click on offers. A Replay page: This is the page where a recording of your webinar is offered. This is for those who registered but did not attend or those who want to give your workshop another watch.

The Ultimate Guide to Webinars: 37 Tips for Successful Webinars

This might be considered optional if you choose not to offer a replay. A series of reminder emails need to be automatically sent out leading up to the webinar. A live video broadcast tool: This is how the magic happens. This is the actual technology to allow you to broadcast live to your audience.

All broadcasting software are not created equal. Some have an up to second delay or broadcast in less than HD quality. More about this later. Now depending on what webinar software you choose to use, you might only get 3 and 6. You might need to sort out the rest by piecemealing other software products with your webinar software to make this all happen. Sometimes you don't learn this until after you sign up. How do I know? Because I used to use software that caused me to do just that. Check out this very short video showing you every aspect of your webinar is created with WebinarNinja super fast and easily:.

Once you create your webinar with your webinar software grab the link to the page where your audience will registration for the webinar. Marketing your webinar.

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Attendance is a multiplier for engagement on a webinar. Here are 5 way to get to ensure you have the number registrants to your webinar you are looking for:. Your website is already getting organic traffic from Google searches, referrals and even word-of-mouth. Capitalize on it by inviting your visitors to your next webinar. Pop-ups, sidebar ads, or hyperlinks within your own blogs are all good options. Ensure that any visitor to your site is offered a chance to attend your next webinar.

Below is an example of using a header bar up top to invite visitors to our webinar. Devote a blog post to the event itself. Tell them what to expect, and make them want to see it for themselves. Be excited, and let that excitement come through. Be honest and conversational in your tone, but let your professional expertise shine.

At the bottom of the post, let them know they can learn more on the topic and ask you questions live on your next live webinar. Link to your webinar registration page and get ready to have some seriously targeted attendees. Fire a well-composed and exciting email out to your entire email list. You need to take this opportunity to sell them on why they should attend your webinar. Detail the take-aways and insights they will receive.

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And most of all tell them what they will be able to do after they attend the webinar. Make sure you include an overview of what will be covered, the registration link, the date and time. Hop on Facebook or Twitter! Ask your following what they are struggling with. Let them know you are planning on doing a live webinar and crowd source what topic or pain point your audience needs addressed.

Running a simple poll on Facebook or Twitter is quite easy to test webinar topics. Get people participating even before a webinar is announced, so when it is announced, you have some cultivated interest. Registrations from social media is the cherry on top of a sundae, not the sundae itself. Here is an example of The Muse running a poll on Twitter to get more engagement:.

Team up with others in your industry. They can co-host the webinar with you and invite their email list as well. This commonly known as JV webinars. In exchange you can give them a percentage of sales made on the webinar.

What You Need to Know to Run Your First Webinar

Alternatively, you can agree to return the favor and invite your audience to a webinar of theirs. Registration numbers can be deceiving, so reserve judgment on the impact of your marketing until you see the number of attendees as a percentage of registrants. This is often called your Show Up Rate. Quality platforms like WebinarNinja include analytics tools that can help you see exactly what percentage of your registrants actually attended your webinar.

Study these numbers after each webinar, and build on what works. WebinarNinja provides detailed statistics for every webinar you run,. As your reputation for valuable presentations grows, your attendance will grow too. In this chapter you will learn how to use your workshop lesson plan chapter 3 to create a your presentation slides.

Presentation slides add a level of production quality to your webinars that communicates you and your business are legit. They also offer visuals and cues to your workshop that keep your audience fully engaged with your topic.

How To Create Evergreen Webinars - EverWebinar Tutorial

Let's dive into how to create an effective presentations. There are two important caveats you should know before we begin: 1. Presentation slides are no a must.

Why You Should Use Webinars

You can run a full webinar, on-camera, teaching and answering questions. Your presentation slides should NOT be your workshop, word for word. These are visual aids and supplement what you are teaching.

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Below is an easy to follow outline you can use. You can or remove slides to accommodate your webinar. Slide 1: Your Title Slide This is simply a slide with your webinar title and you name as the host. Slide 2: Your Outcome Slide This slide states what your intended learning outcome.

see url What will they be able to do at the end of your webinar. Slide 3: Your Before and After Slide In this slide you can show in 2 columns what life is like now and what it will be like after the webinar. This is from our Before and After strategy discussed in chapter 3. Make sure your backstory reinforces why you are qualified to teach this workshop. Keep this short and sweet. Remember to include in your overview if your going to be making an offer.